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Four seasons to love mulled wine deliciousness

More is more.

We brew the big flavours of star anise, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla and blood orange for hours to make a syrup that adds a delicious kick to mulled wine and much, much more. Our syrup is easy to use for whipping up a classic mulled wine or as a twist on your favourite recipes like panna cotta or lemon lime bitters. Add some of our garnishes to level up your entertaining game.

I’d love one, thanks.

Add one shot of Mulled Wine Syrup to one glass of wine. Either simmer on low heat for five minutes or microwave for 45 seconds. Top off with your favourite garnishes. We love star anise, cinnamon, orange peels and halved cranberries.


Where do I buy more? It was sooooo good!

Later on in the evening we all sat around the fire.... I had several cups... it was so delish!

Where have you been all my life....

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