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Our Traditional Recipe

Posted by Mulledwinesyrup Admin on
Our Traditional Recipe

To make one glass or mug of mulled wine simply add 30mL of syrup to a 150mL glass of red wine and heat - either by simmering on the stovetop for 5 mins or by heating in a mug in the microwave for 45 secs on medium (based on 1000W microwave); adjust to taste by adding more or less syrup. Serve immediately. If you're planning to share add 150mL syrup and a 750mL bottle of wine into a pot and simmer for 5 mins - you can also use the microwave if you have a large pyrex jug or similar. You can also use your slow cooker or a soup warmer if you're having a party and would like to keep it available for guests to enjoy throughout the night - just use half a bottle of syrup to each full bottle of wine (more or less depending on taste). 



No need to use an expensive wine, a great reasonably priced ($12.00-$18.00) bottle will still taste amazing.  I find a dry, medium to full bodied wine works well (Shiraz, Cianti or Sangiovese are favs) but again you can make it to your taste.

Also do not boil the wine as you will evaporate off the alcohol and realistically that is the point of mulled wine – it’s booze that is warming and delicious!! :) 

You can also use your syrup to make sangria, spritzers and cocktails in the summertime - see our recipes page for ideas or follow us on Facebook and Instagram!



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